segmentation and targeting

In life sciences, there are many different types of customers. So, you need to rigorously analyze your data to identify the highest value targets and develop custom call plans that drive results.

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Maximize the return on your sales force investment


Some health care professionals will prescribe your product after two details. Others need 10 or more. You can’t rely on anecdotes from the field to know the difference.


Field sales representatives have opinions about how often they should visit individual customers. But a life sciences company needs a more data-driven approach if it hopes to optimize sales force activity and end the guessing game. With decades of experience in the industry, Beghou helps you organize and analyze your data to understand individual customers’ unique prescribing preferences. Then, Beghou divides physicians into analyzable segments and develops custom targeting plans that provide field sales representatives with guidance on how often to call on customers. That way, sales representatives make the best use of their time and effort.



Beghou consultants draw on deep industry and technical knowledge to lay the proper data foundation for your segmentation and targeting project. From analysis and modeling all the way through the creation of individual call plans for your sales force, the Beghou team can help you execute a successful customer targeting strategy.

Database development and market analysis

Beghou helps you organize your data so it’s primed for the analysis that will generate your targeting strategy. Beghou also reviews your market research and assesses the competitive landscape for your products – at the beginning of a project and on an ongoing basis to ensure you make necessary strategic adjustments.

& Segmentation

Beghou consultants use advanced analytical methods to process your data and divide customers based on their prescribing behaviors – from their preference for generic or branded drugs to their responsiveness to details. Beghou works with you to create the segments that are most relevant for your products.

Call Plan Modeling

Beghou segmentation and targeting projects produce detailed call plans for your entire sales force. The call plans provide guidance to your field sales representatives about which health care professionals to target and how many times they should visit each customer to maximize the chance of a sale.

Field Implementation

You can’t simply hand call plans to the sales force. Instead, you must communicate clearly the details of the plan, the rationale underpinning the plan and the expected results. Beghou uses everything from call plans deployed through our Mainsail platform to in-person presentations at sales meetings to help you maximize buy-in from the sales force.


Leverage advanced analytical processes

Beghou deploys a comprehensive set of tactics – including advanced analytical methods – to help you develop a targeting strategy that maximizes sales potential. Beghou’s consultants build plans to accommodate changing conditions on the ground and incorporate field feedback so you constantly optimize your approach.

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