Maximize commercial success at launch

A life sciences company must work to ensure the success of a product launch well before a health care professional writes the first prescription.

Deploy data better to develop a launch game plan

Beghou Consulting helps you lay a solid foundation for a successful product launch

With decades of experience working with emerging and established life sciences companies to launch products across therapeutic areas, Beghou Consulting can help you prepare your entire commercial operations for the complex and intense launch process. With Beghou’s support, you’ll have a comprehensive game plan you can execute with confidence.

Tap a comprehensive set of solutions to supercharge your launch

Every launch is unique. But by deploying Beghou Consulting’s full suite of commercial solutions for life sciences companies, you’ll be prepared to optimize all facets of your sales and marketing efforts.

Prime your data for launch

Without a data strategy, you’ll lack the knowledge you need to make sound commercial decisions. Beghou Consulting helps you identify, organize and use commercial data, so you establish a solid foundation for launch.

Accurately predict opportunity with analytics

Beghou’s analytics experts deploy advanced modeling techniques – including machine learning – to give you an accurate prediction of product performance across territories and health care professional segments.

Develop a roadmap to your commercial goals

Build a detailed and accurate forecast model to determine precisely how you need your product to perform across segments to reach your sales goals. Insights from this model can guide you across sales and marketing tactics.

Design your sales force to maximize results

With access to Beghou’s sales force design expertise, you’ll know precisely how many sales territories you need and where those territories should be located to maximize impact from your commercial spend.

Give your sales force a clear launch plan

Equip your sales force with detailed guidance so they can effectively identify high-potential prescribers, apply local knowledge to business planning and boost sales results.

Maximize sales force motivation and retention

The incentives you provide your sales force can make or break a product launch. And how your plan evolves as a product matures can determine how well top performers continue to drive results.

Prepare your data for launch with Mainsail™

Launch is challenging enough without a customizable commercial data platform. With Mainsail, Beghou’s cloud-based reporting solution, you can organize data and share it with your sales force to keep everyone tracking toward the same goals.

Optimize sales force deployment for launch

Designing territories, putting the right number of field sales representatives in those territories, and balancing their opportunities and workload are complex, but crucial, pre-launch activities. Beghou has simplified that process with Meridian™.

Put the tools in place to facilitate in-depth analysis

With business intelligence tools, you can mine data and uncover insights that help you optimize commercial efforts. With Beghou Consulting, you can make the most of your business intelligence investment.

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